The new WordPress plug-in allows content to be tagged in the Ethereum blockchain.

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  • The new WordPress plug-in allows content to be tagged in the Ethereum blockchain.

The new WordPress plugin allows users to record the date and time of publication of articles in the Ethereum blockchain.

The plugin, developed by the Amsterdam-based WordProof startup, is designed to protect copyrights, increase transparency in the creation and ownership of content, and track content manipulation. According to research company W3Techs, WordPress supports almost 39% of all websites and has a 63% market share of websites using CMS.

According to the plugin website, users do not need prior experience with the blockbuster. The time stamp creates a „unique and universal imprint“, also known as a „hash“ for all messages, pages and media content. If the content changes somehow, the hash will also change. The hash is added to the Ethereum blockchain with a date and time so that users can prove that they have published the content at a particular point in time.

WordProof Product Manager Jelle van der Schut said the company aims to provide users with the most convenient tool to create time stamps on all CMS and e-commerce platforms. The plugin also supports EOS and Telos blockbusters.

WordProof won this year’s European Commission grant of €1 million, winning the Blockchains Profit Revolution For Social Good competition. The startup has outperformed 175 other teams from across Europe.

This is not the first attempt to integrate crypto technology into WordPress. In April 2020, Blockchains Draper Goren Holm released the first WordPress plugin with support for the Decentralised Exchange (DEX). The plugin helps website owners integrate a feature that allows their visitors to exchange cryptographic tokens and stablecoins.